"Our Kids Are Meeting Milestones Everyday"

Pre-K & Kindergarten Programs at Milestone

Our Pre-K to Kindergarten Program 

Our 3 to 6 year old classroom opens up a world of exploration and independence in a fun, safe, learning environment. Each child will learn and work at their own pace as they move throughout our classroom.

Kindergarten year is full of new and exciting challenges that prepare our kindergarteners for first grade.

Areas of a Montessori Classroom

1. Practicial Life: This is the most important area in the Montessori classroom. It is through these materials that the child develops self confidence, self-control, and concentration. These qualities are essential for mastery of the more advanced materials in the classroom.

2. Sensorial: This area focuses on the five senses, shades of colors, weight, shape, texture, size, taste, sound, and smell. This area allows children to become aware of different shapes and different textures.

3. Mathematics: Montessori education provides many materials for students to develop mathematical skills for future use. With the use of concrete materials, the students are able to learn the basic concepts of mathematics.

4. Language: Students learn their letters and sounds by practicing their sound cards everyday. In this area, students learn fine motor skills for writing and spelling using the moveable alphabet. Language is an essential part of Montessori education because it allows the children to learn their sounds, their letters, how to read, and how to spell common words.

5. Science: Students go to the science area to explore how things develop. The botany cabinet is used for students to learn the parts of a leaf, tree, and flower. In this area, children are able to experiement and learn different concepts such as magnetism, speed, force, ROYGBIV, and sink and float.

6. World Cultures/Geography: World Cultures and Geography is a place where children go to learn about our world. This includes learning about different cultures and customs. Students use puzzle maps to the students visualize their place in the world.

7. Art: In the art area, students express themselves by allowing their imaginations to grow and develop.

Interactive Education

Toddlers develop at an alarmingly fast rate! Our trained educators are always looking for new ways to engage kids in both fun and educational ways.

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Kindergarten Program
Kindergarten Program


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